Dipanjana Choudhury

MSc Materials Chemistry 2018

My Course Choice

I was 13 when I decided that chemistry is my favourite subject as the comprehensive yet divulging nature of the periodic table left me awestruck; my love for it only grew, leading me to pursue it for my Bachelor’s degree. By the end of my BSc degree, I was certain that I wanted to study material sciences further; it was integral for me that my MSc course covered areas that I was specifically interested in.

When I looked for universities offering Materials Chemistry, it became amply clear to me that the details of the courses offered varied greatly between organisations. Edinburgh, being one of the first few search results to come up, offered a course that was an amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Specifically, the fact that I would not only get to learn advanced physical and inorganic chemistry but also get to sharpen my overall research skills (such as scientific writing, data handling, and grant proposal formulation) led me to apply to this course.

Dipanjana Choudhury

My Time at the University of Edinburgh

I can safely say that the year I spent at the University of Edinburgh was an incredibly enjoyable learning experience for me. As promised, the coursework, though intensive, was extremely interesting and my professors were always willing to respond to my queries. My communication and presentation skills were thoroughly enhanced, and I attained confidence in my work. The last leg of my degree, which involved the research project, was my favourite. Through it, I got a taste of the highs and lows that come with being an independent researcher.

The academic staff were always kind and ready to listen. I am especially thankful to my personal tutor, Dr Murray Low, for being immensely supportive and sympathetic when I was undergoing a health crisis. I would also like to express my sincerest gratitude to the counselling services at the University.

Edinburgh, for me, will always be a place where I developed relationships with wonderful people both inside and outside the School of Chemistry. The city has a lot to offer to everyone – one can cultivate almost any hobby here. I picked up belly dancing and even got to perform on stage! For difficult days, a walk in the Meadows was my cure. If you embrace the city in all its glory, it will definitely embrace you back.

After Graduation

Having undergone some health issues during my degree, I took some time off to take a breather – something I’d highly recommend. I moved on to work as an Academic Editor in India for almost 18 months. Though editing was a new field for me, the writing work (thesis work and reviews) I had done during my course made me extremely familiar with scientific writing.

I am currently waiting to begin my PhD in chemistry at the University of Cambridge in April 2021.