Assessment Information

Courses in Chemistry are assessed in a variety of ways, including end-of-course assessments (exams), assessment of laboratory work, and continuous assessment.

In general, courses which have a laboratory component require students to achieve a pass (>40%) in the laboratory component to pass the course. A Pass mark for all courses is 40% overall.

End-of-course assessment will be conducted in-person through exam-hall assessments. While Covid-19 meant that exams were temporarily carried out remotely, in-person exams have now resumed.  Your exam dates and locations will be added to your personalised timetables towards the end of each semester (from week 9).

Learning Adjustments

If you are disabled, neurodivergent, or have a long term mental or physical health condition that may impact your studies, please contact the Disability and Learning Support Service, to discuss your support needs. Examples of support in the past have included sitting exams in a smaller room or extra time on a submission.

Extensions and Special Circumstances

If your ability to study and complete assessments has been, or is being affected, by something out of your control such as unforeseen illness or other personal issues, you may be eligible to apply for an extension or special circumstances.

Extensions are a form of short-term support providing students up to 7 days of extra time to submit coursework. For extension requests, you need to provide a statement telling us about what happened and when did it occur, but no further evidence is needed.

Extensions are not applicable to all assessments, and you should always check with your Student Adviser if in doubt.  Similarly, if you are unsure whether your situation is appropriate for a Special Circumstances application, your Student Adviser will be able to help you.

If you are also thinking of applying for special circumstances, you will need to provide evidence.

You can find information about extensions, special circumstances, and application procedures at the link below. The special circumstances application involves completing an online form providing supporting evidence and detailing the impact of your circumstances on your studies.

Want to talk with someone?

If you feel that your studies are being affected at any time, you are strongly encouraged to contact your Student Support Team, where you will have a named contact for a Student Adviser. They can assist you by discussing your options, advice on supporting evidence, and help answer your questions.

Please remember that you can privately discuss any problems you experience during your studies with your Student Adviser. They can listen, provide advice and signpost you to a variety of support services.

You can contact the Student Support Team, using the link below.