Chemistry at Edinburgh

Find out about the various other outreach activities at the School of Chemistry

Chemistry in Focus

Student research highlighted in fun videos.

Chemistry in Focus is a School of Chemistry project that aims to increase public awareness of the research carried out by PhD students within the Chemistry department. Complex and boundary pushing research performed in higher education establishments is often not easily accessible to the public. Furthermore, there is also a problem with underrepresentation in the media of the work that is done by PhD students. This project seeks to remedy that and allow the general public to understand our work and allow our PhD students to flourish.

PhD students work together to create engaging videos that highlight the ground-breaking research they conduct and gives the students a platform to showcase themselves and their groups to the general public.

Research at EdChem

A blog exploring the role of chemists in society by showcasing the science conducted within the School of Chemistry and empowering the public in their understanding of science

Research at EdChem is a student written blog that covers the exciting and ground-breaking research conducted within the School of Chemistry. Each blog post covers a recent publication from a research group in our department without using scientific jargon or assuming scientific knowledge so that our blog is accessible to everyone in society.

We are passionate about empowering non-scientists to engage with science and as such Research at EdChem is devoted to showcasing the world-changing and world-leading research that takes place within the School of Chemistry in a way that is accessible to the greatest number of people. Through engaging with our blog, we hope to enrich the publics understanding of the impactful role chemists play in society and solving global challenges such as climate change.

Our aim is to connect with the public and allow curious minds to engage with interesting research happening right now in Edinburgh Chemistry in a way that bolsters confidence in people from all backgrounds to engage with science in the media.