Expertise in all aspects of chemical science is available to our clients, through our Consultancy Services.

We collaborate with SME's, national and international organisations offering a wide range of consultancy services, including:

  • research-based consultancy
  • technology assessment
  • research laboratory services
  • expert knowledge

The School of Chemistry is involved in numerous consultancy projects with various clients and can also call on the wider expertise available through the University to provide effective solutions to client problems and opportunities. Some case studies are highlighted below.

Case Studies

Product Development

Many clients have used the School's expertise to aid their product development programs. For example, we provided consultancy services that supported a development project in the field of health care monitoring.

Our experts were able to provide technical diligence on the currently available underpinning technologies, define where gaps in the market exist and subsequently provide a technology roadmap. As a result the client is successfully developing a new and innovative product for the health care market.

Product Improvement

The School's experts have extensive experience in aiding product improvement programs. For example, we examined a range of materials used by one of our clients in its products. The materials were subjected to analysis and performance testing and as a result, a new blend of the various materials involved are now used in the product. This provided our client with a significant improvement in the performance of the product, and has increased market share.

Identification and Verification

Many of our clients have used our services to identify impurities and unknowns in both production and laboratory processes. We have also provided verification services for our clients, providing them with assurance of their procedures etc.

For more information on any of these services contact Dr John Morrow.