International Placements and Exchanges

An attractive option available to MChem students involves a one year industrial placement or an exchange with one of our partner universities overseas, undertaken during year 5 of their degree. Approximately 70% of the class will take advantage of one of these opportunities. Wherever you do your research project, your work is assessed throughout the year and contributes to your final degree classification.

The benefits resulting from these experiences in terms of both academic and personal development and future employability are very substantial.

  • Gain valuable work experience that provides future advantages. A year in industry or abroad broadens your horizons and builds on the communication, teamwork and lab-based skills developed during your first 4 years.
  • Earn a salary on industrial placement.
  • Work outside the UK in locations such as Japan, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Belgium and The Netherlands.
  • Typically, 70% of our MChem students undertake a placement or exchange.
Two students in a lab

    Industrial Research Project

    The Industrial Research project is a full 12 month period of employment within the research or development function of a wide range of companies or research institutes. The placements are assessed and contribute to the final degree classification. The majority of students remain in the UK, but every year a number of opportunities overseas are available. Our overseas industrial placements are particularly popular. Companies recruit our students through a competitive interview process.

    International Research Project

    Our students can spend a year at one of our partner institutions. You will spend a full academic year working as part of a cutting-edge research group at your host institution. You will not take any lectures or tutorials while on placement. We offer exchanges in Europe, the USA and the Far East.

    It is also great in your free time that you have the money that you get paid to explore the country that you are in. So on the weekends we got to travel all around Switzerland and even all around Europe. What is really important is that you choose a project or a theme which you like to investigate as that is the most important thing. The year in industry gives you an important insight in to how industrial research is like compared to academic research

    For me it was gaining confidence and trust in myself. I learned I can communicate effectively in a non-native language, I could get results and I could learn to think like a chemist. So rather than following a recipe as you would do in undergraduate teaching labs I would think what if I tried this and what would happen and it was a great confidence boost. I feel that I can absolutely go on and achieve almost anything.