Coming to the School of Chemistry as a Visiting Exchange Student

General information for incoming exchange students is available on the "Study and Work Away" web pages along with specific instructions for applying to come to Edinburgh as an exchange student.

Exchange students wishing to take Chemistry courses can choose from the courses listed below. Note that details may change, the course information is updated each summer for the following academic year.

Exchange students from home institutions that have a Chemistry-specific exchange agreement with the University of Edinburgh may apply for a research project based in a research group in addition to or in place of lecture courses. There are different options depending on the year of study. There is no guarantee that this will be possible, it will depend on the capacity and willingness of the research group to host a student.

Available courses are listed below. The course number indicates the level. Course numbers starting with 08 are 1st/2nd year courses, those starting with 09 are junior honours/3rd year courses and those starting with 10 are senior honours/Masters level courses.

There are 120 UoE credits (60 ECTS) in one academic year, so each semester should contain 60 UoE credits worth of courses.

For research projects to be carried out within a research group (ONLY students from universities with a chemistry-specific exchange are eligible), a list of ca 3 preferred research groups should be emailed to the chemistry exchange coordinator at the latest by the 31st March of the previous academic year (note that we cannot guarantee that the preferred groups will be able to host a student but will do our best to find a closely related research area).

School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh: Courses for visiting exchange students

Note that a full academic year (2 semesters) is 120 credits (60 ECTS credits).

Approximate semester dates:

  • Semester 1: mid-September to late December
  • Semester 2: mid-January to end of May

The Edinburgh degree is a 4-year BSc (hons) or 5-year Integrated Masters.

Students on subject-specific exchanges should take at least 40 credits per semester of courses given by the host school. Some courses (20 UoE credits per semester) may be taken in other schools according to availability and as long as the students have the necessary qualifications (

Level 8 (Years 1 and 2)

Chemistry 1A                           CHEM08016    Semester 1                  20 cr

Chemistry 1B                           CHEM08017    Semester 2                  20 cr

Chemistry 2                             CHEM08019    Full Year                      40 cr

Chemistry 2A                           CHEM08026    Semester 1                  20 cr

Chemistry 2B                           CHEM08027    Semester 2                  20 cr

Biological Chemistry 2            CHEM08030    Semester 1                  20 cr

Data-driven Chemistry            CHEM08031    Semester 1                  20 cr

Environmental Chemistry 2    CHEM08020    Semester 2                  20 cr


Level 9 (Year 3)

Chemistry 3A                           CHEM09005    Full Year                      40 cr

Chemistry 3A (VS1)                 CHEM09008    Semester 1                  20 cr

Chemistry 3A (VS2)                 CHEM09010    Semester 2                  20 cr

Chemistry 3B                           CHEM09006    Full Year                      40 cr

Chemistry 3B (VS1)                 CHEM09009    Semester 1                  20 cr

Chemistry 3B (VS2)                 CHEM09011    Semester 2                  20 cr

Chemistry 3P                           CHEM09007    Full Year                      40 cr    Lab course

CP3 Phys Chem Lab                 CHPH09005     Full Year                      10 cr    Lab course

Chem 3 Sem 1 Project             CHEM09015    Semester 1                  20 cr    * Lab/research

Chem 3 Sem 2 Project             CHEM09016    Semester 2                  20 cr    * Lab/research

Chem 3 Summer Project         tbc                   summer                       40 cr    * research


Level 10 (Year 4/5)

Advanced Biological Chem.    CHEM10071    Semester 2                  20 cr

Advanced Inorganic Chem.     CHEM10055    Semester 1                  20 cr

Advanced Organic Chem.       CHEM10057    Semester 1                  20 cr

Advanced Physical Chem.       CHEM10056    Semester 1                  20 cr

Advanced Materials Chem.    CHEM10058    Semester 2                  20 cr

Analytical Chem.                     CHEM10012    Semester 2                  20 cr

Sustainable Chem.                  CHEM10023    Semester 1                  20 cr

BSc Chem Research Project    CHEM10043    Full Year                      40 cr    * research

Visiting stud. Yr4 S1 project    tbc                   Semester 1                  60 cr    * research

Visiting stud. Yr4 S2 project    CHEM10050    Semester 2                  60 cr    * research

*: These research projects are only available to students from partner institutions with a Chemistry-specific exchange agreement.

The level 9 research project courses (CHEM09015/16) normally take place in the 3rd year teaching laboratories (S1 inorganic, S2 organic) under the supervision of an academic member of staff. Under exceptional circumstances for strong students from chemistry-specific exchange partners, these may take place in a research lab with prior agreement/acceptance (deadline for contacting chemistry exchange coordinator: 31st March).