Computing and Software

The School of Chemistry has an IT team who can help with your computing problems.

The School IT Services team can provide support for your computing needs. If you need any assistance please contact us using

School-Provided Software

Software licensed to the School of Chemistry available to students for personal use. Entitlement and operating systems are detailed in the table below.

Application Entitlement Operating System
    Windows Mac OS X Linux
CCDC Yes Yes Yes Yes
ChemDraw* Yes Yes Yes No
Diamond No Yes No No
Endnote Web Yes Yes Yes No
LabView No Yes No No
Matlab* No Yes Yes Yes
MNova* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pymol Yes Yes Yes Yes
Origin* Yes Yes No No
Spartan No Yes No No
Overleaf Yes Yes Yes Yes

Software marked with * is available for home use and\or non university owned computers. Information for downloading is available on the software's page.

University Software