Visiting Professorships

Mid-career and senior scientists based in external academic institutions or industry are encouraged to spend time in the School to develop research collaborations.

 Several bilateral visit schemes are also available. Example of possible visiting professorship schemes include:

Application Process

Candidates wishing to apply for an externally funded visiting professorship scheme should make initial contact with a member of academic staff they wish to collaborate with and who is willing to act as host for the visitor.

Following initial contact, the host may submit to the Director of Research a written outline of the requirements for hosting the visitor. The outline should include:

  • The scheme(s) and awarding bodies that will be approached to fund the visit (if appropriate)
  • A CV of the visitor
  • Laboratory space requirements
  • Duration of the visit
  • Visa requirements
  • Supporting letters from the School

Applications should be submitted ideally at least 1 month before the deadline for a submission of a proposal to the targeted visiting professorship scheme(s).  

Successful applications will be given administrative support to submit proposals (where appropriate) with institutional endorsement.