Tercentenary Events

This year we have eaten, breathed and slept Tercentenary! If you haven't had a chance to attend any of the events, our Tercentenary web pages will give you a flavour of the year. To those who have attended, we have thoroughly enjoyed having you/your company, stories and memories.

Tercentenary Burns Supper and Ceilidh

  • 26th January 2013

The School of Chemistry Tercentenary Year kicked off in fine fashion with a fantastic Burns Supper and Ceilidh at South Pollock Hall in Edinburgh on Saturday 26th of January. Over 200 attended, with graduates from the 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000.

Walker Memorial Lecture: But Who Really was Joseph Black?

  • 29th March 2013

ChemSoc hosted their annual Walker Memorial lecture. This year the lecture was given by none other than Dr Robert Anderson, noted historian of science, curator of the British Museum and specialist in the life and works of Joseph Black.

Bright Club 16.0 Elemental - A Tercentenary Special!

  • 28th May 2013

As part of our tercentenary celebrations, the School of Chemistry organised a Chemistry Themed Comedy Night in association with the Bright Club.

Tercentenary Debate: 'Science and Higher Education in an Independent Scotland

  • 31st May 2013

In commemoration of 300 years of chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, we hosted a debate on the place of science and higher education within an independent Scotland. Will Scotland's proud enlightened legacy be better served in union or going it alone?

Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart Public Lecture: Chemistry's Place in Today's World

  • 27th June 2013

Our Graduation celebrations opened with a public lecture on the evening of the 27th of June by one of our distinguished alumni, Sir Fraser Stoddart, a pioneer in molecular architecture and nanotechnology.

300 Chemistry Symposium and Dinner

  • 28th June 2013

On the 28th of June the School of Chemistry hosted a symposium that celebrated the most exciting chemistry research being performed by our former graduates intermingled with reflections and recollections by former members of staff.

Tercentenary Graduation Ceremony

  • 29th June 2013

We held a special graduation for the School to honour our graduands and their families and to celebrate our 300 years of achievements.

Tercentenary Graduation Reception

  • 29th June 2013

Families and friends of the graduands, as well as members of staff from the School celebrated the Tercentenary graduation with a reception at the Informatics Forum. There was even a chance to sample the Tercentenary Brew!

Edinburgh 300: Cradle of Chemistry Exhibition

  • 2nd August - 2nd November 2013

The School held an historical exhibition to illustrate some highlights from its 300 years. The exhibition was held in the Exhibition room of the University Main Library and ran from 2nd August through to 2nd November. The total number of visitors to the exhibition was 5379, making it the most popular that has been held in the Library!

Strontian Tercentenary Bike Ride and Activity Day

  • Cycle ride: 22nd to 26th August 2013
  • Strontian Family Activity Day: 24th August 2013

Staff and students set off from the Joseph Black Building at King's Buildings on the 22nd of August to cycle to Strontian as part of the Tercentenary celebrations at the School of Chemistry. There was an activity day in Strontian before the cycle ride ended approximately 300 miles later on Monday 26th August at the Joseph Black Building at the University of Glasgow.

Periodic Table of T-Shirts

  • 12th September 2013

To welcome everyone back to the start of the new semester, two undergraduate students, Angielyn Ng and Xiaofan Feng organised a Periodic Table of T-shirts evening for all the members of the School of Chemistry.

This involved creating T-shirt designs for the elements on the periodic table and enjoying our very own special Tercentenary Beer, brewed by Stewart Brewing.

Doors Open Day Success

  • 28th September 2013

For the Doors Open Day on the 28th of September we gave the public a chance to take a tour of our building and get involved in chemistry-related activities.

Knitting Graphene at the Edinburgh Open Doors Day

  • 28th September 2013

During the Doors Open Day on the 28th of September we knitted a HUGE graphene sheet as part of our Tercentenary celebrations.

Tercentenary Alumni Dinner

  • 18th October 2013

The President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Professor Lesley Yellowlees and Professor Eleanor Campbell, Head of the School of Chemistry hosted an Alumni Dinner at Burlington House, the home of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Breathe Freely - A Chemistry Opera

  • 24th October 2013

Breathe Freely, an opera composed by Julian Wagstaff as part of our Tercentenary celebrations, was a huge success when it was performed in front of a packed audience at the Assembly Rooms on George Street.

Edinburgh Chemistry Historical Symposium: The First Hundred Years of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

  • 24th October 2013

This full day symposium was held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. It explored the flourishing of Chemistry in 18th Century Edinburgh, the role that Edinburgh chemists played in the establishment of chemistry as a scientific discipline throughout the world and the great popularity of public chemistry lectures in enlightenment Edinburgh.

Auld Reekie Creepy Chemistry Tour

  • 5th December 2013

On a very, very cold winter's evening, 120 students, staff and friends took the Auld Reekie Creepy Chemistry Tour around old Edinburgh. In a special one off tercentenary historical tour, our guides regaled us with tales about the history of Edinburgh during the last 300 years and how events in the city - both famous and infamous - contributed to the world of science.