Student Support

All undergraduate and postgraduate taught students at the School of Chemistry will be supported by a new specialised and professional student support model, delivered by a team of dedicated student advisers.

If your degree is with another School, but you are taking a School of Chemistry course, please contact your nominated Student Adviser who should be based at the School of your main degree programme.

This new model means you’ll have support from a Student Adviser, an Academic Cohort Lead and access to Wellbeing Advisers. Their role is to support you throughout your studies and to empower you to achieve your best. Whether it’s helping you answer questions about your studies, developing your academic skills, discussing your hopes or worries, or simply providing space for a private, supportive chat, we are here for you.

Student Support Roles

Student Adviser

You will be assigned a Student Adviser, who is part of the Student Support Team. This person will be your named contact in the School which means you can contact them for support throughout your studies. Your Adviser will help you matriculate each year and enrol you on optional courses. Your Student Adviser is your first point of contact during your time at university. If you have any questions or are worried about something, do not hesitate to contact them.

Student Advisers will keep an eye on your engagement and progress with your courses throughout your studies. This means if you stop going to classes or don’t hand in an assessment, you might get an email from your student adviser making sure that you’re okay. Your student adviser may also get in touch at key points during the academic year, such as around exams, to remind you of the support available.

Student Advisers will listen non-judgementally and work with you to provide any information, advice and support you need. They can discuss any matters affecting you and your experience at the University. They can also signpost you to specialist support services and staff. You can contact them by email, Teams and in-person at Room 4 throughout the year for support. The Student Support Office can be accessed through the first door on the left of the Joseph Black Building central corridor, located straight ahead from the foyer.

Academic Cohort Lead

You will also be assigned an Academic Cohort Lead. This is an academic member of staff in the School who will meet with you and your fellow classmates (your ‘cohort’) throughout the year to support your academic development through drop-ins, study skills advice and other activities.

If you are a Masters student (Postgraduate Taught) your Director of PGT Teaching will act as your Academic Cohort Lead. 

Wellbeing Adviser

If you need additional support with your wellbeing during your studies, your Student Adviser may seek extra support from the Student Wellbeing Service. Wellbeing Advisers are there to support you if you are experiencing issues that are affecting your mental health, wellbeing, studies or personal life during your time at University.  The Student Wellbeing Service is part of a range of health and wellbeing services that the University operates and will work alongside our existing services and resources such as the Student Counselling and Disability and Learning Support Service. The Student Support Team will work closely with the Student Wellbeing Service and other services to ensure we offer you the most appropriate support.