Book a Scientist

An initiative aimed at Primary and Secondary Schools to enrich pupils’ experience of their curriculum without having to leave the classroom.

Has your class just learned about plastic? Why don't you talk with a polymer scientist?

Have your lessons covering batteries and electricity just finished? Ask our local electrochemist!

Just learned about the Earth's interior? We have experts in high pressures for you!

Have a PhD student remotely visit your classroom to talk to your pupils about the science you’ve most recently covered. The PhD student will answer questions from pupils on science, being a scientist and studying at university.

Whether your school is 20km or 200 km from the University of Edinburgh, we'll be there for you!

How it Works

Look through our profiles and choose the PhD student who is the best match for the science topic most recently covered in your class.

Your chosen scientist will then set up a date with you to talk with your class for 1 hour through an online video call.

Scientist Profiles

Click on the pictures below to learn more about the PhD researchers that you can contact for Book a Scientist. Each profile will tell you more about who they are, what they do and their area of expertise.

[At present, this scheme is not running but is intended to be reinstated ASAP. This means there are no student profiles but there will be in the future. The profiles currently on the website contain students who have all graduated so should not be kept on the website as a placeholder.]

Book a Scientist!

Whether you’ve chosen the PhD student you want to speak with your classroom or you have any queries, get in touch with us by email.