Afton Summer Internships

The Afton Summer Internship Scheme aims to promote the academic development of our 3rd year UG students within the School of Chemistry (UoE) and in doing so, strengthen their career prospects and giving them the insight to make informed career choices. It is a great opportunity to get experience of research in academia by working on a project in a group based in the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh.

Afton Summer Interns will get a taste of working within an academic group on a research project guided by an academic member of staff and any PhD/Post-Doctoral researcher mentor(s). They will work at the cutting edge of research, expanding their problem solving skills and learning to collate data for presentations in reports and presentations. By the end of their summer placement, Afton Summer Interns will have had a great introduction to how their final year projects (if conducted in academia) will be and what life as a PhD student is like.

Afton Summer Internships are advertised via email in February each year, with an application deadline mid-March. The number of internships offered, application deadline and specifics of applying for this scheme will be given in the advert circulated to 3rd year students and is subject to change between years.