Farjana Afroj

MSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry 2019

My Course Choice

I had graduated from a university in Bangladesh in organic chemistry but it was my quest from the beginning to satiate my deeper interest in medicinal chemistry, a field that provides new strategies for the prevention and treatment of human disease. The University of Edinburgh is one of the leading universities in the world and the School of Chemistry provides state-of-the-art laboratory equipment with cutting edge research facilities available in diverse research groups. The taught MSc is a cumulative effort to provide the best blend of knowledge and research experience in the field of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. After exploring the course material and program outline, I found that the curriculum of the MSc at the School of Chemistry provides integrated and balanced training across the areas of bio-macromolecule, chemistry for life science, biophysical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and synthetic organic chemistry, including a 4 month of research opportunity for the dissertation in my desired field of chemistry. These factors made me confident to enrol on this course.

Farfana Afroj

My Time at the University of Edinburgh

There were a number of things that I enjoyed during my study period in Edinburgh. I must mention the course materials which were core and updated in relevant courses, where faculties were cordial to give their best effort to make the lecture understandable and discussed the problems in the molecular level of chemistry. I enjoyed learning through ‘Research Methodological’ courses that had 40 credit hours where most of the sessions required presentation and assessment based on fundamental research outcome. We formed groups of students from around the world to conduct assignments and team projects where regular communication and idea-sharing were essential. The instant support and advice of our academic staff really made my journey comfortable. I am thankful to my research supervisor and personal tutor for their guidance; without their support, this accomplishment would not have been possible. I enjoyed the company of students from different countries and got to know about their culture and languages.

My exciting academic journey in Edinburgh was finished by completing 180 credits within just 1 year, which was challenging. However, in terms of culture, history, iconic locations, peacefulness, and the amiable nature of people, I really enjoyed my short stay in Edinburgh.

After Graduation

After completing my academic journey in Edinburgh, I realised this one-year experience would be really worthwhile in every aspect of my life. I have been working now as a faculty in one of the renowned private universities in my country, Bangladesh. I believe my credentials and knowledge from the University of Edinburgh helped me a lot to secure this position. Another noteworthy contribution of my MSc is that I can convey my acquired knowledge, wisdom, and values to my students. Nevertheless, the experience I gained within one year gave me the vision of how I would like to build my career, and I am following that pathway to be a good researcher and academic in the next stage of my life.