Sofia Lampitsi

MSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry 2019

My Course Choice

In 2017 I graduated from the University of Cyprus with a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Chemistry. I then decided to take a gap year to travel in Europe, do some internships abroad and figure out what I wanted to do. My internships were very interesting, and my supervisors guided me very well throughout my research projects, but I still felt like something was missing.

Returning home, I started looking for Master’s programmes all over Europe in lots of areas of chemistry, and that’s when I found MSc Medicinal Chemistry courses in UK universities. Reading through the courses’ descriptions, I felt like something clicked for me, so I applied to five university programmes in the UK. I was very excited to be accepted at the University of Edinburgh, because of its high ranking and the beauty of the city itself. So, I accepted the offer!

Sofia Lampitsi

My Time at the University of Edinburgh

Studying at the University has been an amazing experience. The facilities were great, and I loved the international vibe of the whole city. Edinburgh is just a great city to live in; the architecture is impressive, the opportunities for socialisation and involvement in students’ clubs were endless and the services for students were excellent. After all, I still live and work in Edinburgh, which shows just how much I love this city.

MSc Medicinal & Biological Chemistry was a very good taught degree, and the best thing about it was its content and the knowledge I acquired on biology, pharmaceuticals and their relationship with chemistry.

I had a very good relationship with the academic staff and I was the class rep, so I interacted with them regularly, giving positive or negative feedback as needed. The coordinator of our programme was very helpful and was there to assist us whenever we needed her.

After Graduation

Even before graduation, I started seeking job opportunities, as I was interested in the pharmaceutical industry and I wanted to start my career there. Job seeking is never easy and it is a very competitive and stressful activity. After applications and interviews I got a position as an Analyst at Charles River Laboratories in February 2020, and I have been working there ever since.

My Master’s degree has definitely helped in me getting this job position, as my Bachelor’s degree was from a university outside the UK, so employers were more eager to trust me in their company having graduated from a local university, whose level and demands they were familiar with. Furthermore, MSc Medicinal & Biological Chemistry taught me about the process of drug design all the way to drug studies and drug manufacturing, which is very useful to know when working in this industry.