Vladimir Liubarsky

Master of Chemistry with Materials Chemistry and Industrial Experience 2011

Your Time at the University

While completing my final year at Aberdeen Grammar school, I became increasingly interested in exact science disciplines. Additionally, coming from an academic family, my path was set for higher education. The School of Chemistry within Edinburgh University was my top pick due to its high teaching standards as well as national and international recognition.

I started my studies in September 2006.  The courses offered by the School of Chemistry were tough, inspiring and full of motivation to learn more. At the end of each study year, I longed for more information and a deeper understanding of each concept and therefore eagerly waited for the next term. The School and its administration have put tremendous efforts into carefully structuring the courses and promoting a strong student interaction either through laboratory work, group exercises or poster presentations. This fostered a learning environment where knowledge transfer was of the essence.

Vladimir Liubarsky

During my fourth year of studies, I went to work for Procter & Gamble as part of my industrial experience. This was an invaluable part of the program which filled the gaps between theory and real-world application.

Industrial experience has ultimately shaped me into the person I am today.

Your Experiences Since Leaving the University

Every great journey comes to an end.

In 2011, I successfully graduated from Edinburgh University with a Masters degree in Material Chemistry and Industrial Experience. Due to successful completion of my industrial placement, I was offered a job back at Procter & Gamble.

My career path is rather unconventional for a chemistry graduate. After completing a couple of years in Procter & Gamble, I decided to change my profile towards corporate finance and for the past six years I have been working as a corporate strategy and management consultant.

One might assume that this move is a waste of a degree. However, during each step of the way, be it working for a global FMCG corporation or a merger and acquisition boutique, I have utilized the interpersonal, analytical and organizational skills I mastered while at Edinburgh University. In retrospect, I did not see my degree only for the subjects I have mastered but rather as an experience which allowed me to grow as an individual and gain vital tools to succeed in life.

Alumni Wisdom

The degree is not only about subject mastery, but rather a life changing experience with personal growth. Future opportunities are endless, only you define the limits.