Yanqing Han

MSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry 2020

My Course Choice

Before coming into the MSc, my major was Chinese Materia Medica, mainly focused on the modernisation and the pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine. It was an interesting subject as it combines the ancient Chinese medicine with latest analytical methods and modern medical concept.

Before I came to Edinburgh, I knew that the University of Edinburgh is a world famous university with a long history, located in a beautiful and cultural city. With a good academic reputation in medicine and chemistry, I believed the programme could help me to learn about the latest progress and research methods of drug research and development.

Yanqing Han

My Time at the University of Edinburgh

The best thing about studying MSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry was that I could learn about the latest research ideas in this area. I had access to a large number of academic resources including literature and equipment, and I had the opportunity to apply these resources during the dissertation project with high degree of freedom. During the project, I was encouraged to implement all kinds of my own ideas.

In Edinburgh, I met students from all over the world and exchanged ideas and experiences. The academic staff were all friendly and helpful. There was no need to hesitate or worry about asking for help from them. 2020 was a tough year due to the pandemic. However, the pandemic did not affect my study too much as the staff did a great job and helped me a lot, both with study and life.

Edinburgh is the best city I have ever been to! It is a city full of culture, beautiful scenery and good academic atmosphere. Life in Edinburgh was convenient and colourful. My best experience during the past year was when I went to Calton Hill to see the sunrise once during the lockdown. The city was so peaceful and I saw the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen in my life. I believe that once a person has lived here, he will definitely return to this city one day. 

After Graduation

After I finished my studies, I found a job as research assistant at the National University of Singapore Suzhou Research Institute. The key responsibilities of my job are carrying out research around drugs and food, and guiding the dissertations of the undergraduate students in the group. 

The research project I am conducting is about to modernise a traditional Chinese medicine dealing with osteoporosis. The knowledge around microparticles and organic synthesis I gained during my MSc project helped me a lot. Most importantly, I can apply the knowledge of project management, lab management and the ability of analysis and critical thinking I gained in Edinburgh to my current job.