COP26 Universities Network Innovation Showcase Website Launches

We're proud that our researchers and collaborators are informing action and aiding adaptation to our changing climate.

Cool crystals for green heat - Prof. Colin Pulham, University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry

As crystals grow from a liquid molten salt, they release valuable stored heat. Heating is a major source of carbon emissions, and improved heat storage technology is urgently needed to increase efficiency and open up renewable solutions. By controlling crystal growth, Professor Colin Pulham and his University of Edinburgh team have created advanced heat storage materials that now form the core of Sunamp Ltd's pioneering domestic heat batteries.

Molecular peat doctors - Dr Nicholle Bell, University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry

A vast open land scattered by pools sprouting with bogbean, this peatland in the far north of Scotland is one of many under restoration in the UK. Healthy peatlands store carbon due to the presence of certain molecules within the peat itself. Dr Nicholle Bell and her team at the University of Edinburgh perform molecular health checks using powerful analytical chemistry methods to find out if restoration is bringing these vital carbon stores back to good health.