Genomic Youth Camp: Exploring Multilingual Universe of Science

Our colleague Dr Antonia Mey collaborated with the Goethe-Institut Pakistan and the PASCH Initiative to work on the AI and Genomics Youth Camp as one of two instructors

This camp was a transformative educational event that ran from from November 10 to November 12, 2023, at the TDF MagnifiScience Centre in Karachi, Pakistan. The camp opened doors for young minds from across Pakistan to explore the fusion of three worlds – German Language, Mathematics of AI, and the Genetic Code.

The Genomics Youth Camp offered an engaging blend of workshops, interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and final project presentations for the participants. Participants had the unique chance to immerse themselves in the German language, delve into the intricacies of mathematics, and unravel the mysteries of the genetic code. Guided by instructors, Dr Antonia Mey, a German physicist from the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, and Dr Natasha Anwar, a Pakistani Consultant Molecular Pathologist working at the Aga Khan University Hospital Outreach Lab, managed to inspire, educate, and connect the German learning youth across Pakistan.

youth camp group photo

The workshop material delivered by Antonia Mey was partially developed through the public engagement scholar Jasmin Güven, who is a PhD student in the School of Chemistry and by Antonia through IMAGINARY gGmbH. Antonia has been working as a freelancer for IMAGINARY since 2014 and has helped developed outreach material around mathematics that has been used in workshops and exhibition material for museums and other events.

The workshop was attended by 25 teenagers from across Pakistan attending. The opening ceremony of the camp was covered by local media and the camp was closed with a Science Slam with groups of 5 students presenting on a topic they had covered during the camp. Students gave wonderful feedback such as “Thank you for such an enjoyable experience. Your work and effort is truly appreciated. Danke schön!”