Lawrence and Campopiano Group Collaboration Bears Fruit

Research published in RSC journal

An exciting new collaboration between the Campopiano and Lawrence groups has been published in RSC Green Chemistry.


Our new biomimetic amine donor, NPP, is now published in The RSC Green Chemistry. This is the first publication from a fun and exciting collaboration with the Campopiano Group, our biocatalysis experts. Congratulations to Dr Catherine McKenna, who also recently successfully defended her PhD thesis, Dr Irene De Silvestro (PhD Student 2014-2017) and Mária Štiblariková (Visiting Student 2020-2021 – Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava).


Congratulations to Catherine, Maria and Irene from the Campopiano and Lawrence groups for publishing their new amine donor for biocatalysis, NPP, in Green Chemistry. Nature inspired NPP, now let’s see it have an impact in sustainable chemistry.’



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