Poster Prize Success

PhD student from Hobday Group wins poster prize at first attempt

1st year PhD student Phillippa Partridge from the Hobday group wins the Young Crystallographers Group of British Crystallographic Association poster prize.

Commenting on Phillippa’s achievement  said;

Phillippa Partridge winning the Young Crystallographers Group of British Crystallographic Association

This is a great achievement for Philly, and I'm proud that she has been awarded the YCG poster prize. It was Philly's first ever poster presentation and first ever conference at the British Crystallographic Spring Meeting in Leeds. She was awarded the prize for her effective communication of her project on the "Phase behaviour of plastic crystals" to a wide-ranging audience, showcasing the importance of understanding structure-property relationships in materials chemistry.


Phillippa’s exciting current research is based around plastic crystals and understanding their phase behaviour when varying temperature or pressure. This family of crystals are of particular interest as potential solid-state refrigerants which could replace current liquid refrigerants. This change in technology would be more environmentally friendly by reducing the concentration of volatile greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. 

I am very excited to have won the YCG poster prize at the BCA spring meeting this year! I’d like to say a big thank you to those who nominated me and of course to Claire for her continued support throughout my PhD.