Poster Winners Announced

MChem Students recognised in Faraday Institution FUSE2021 poster awards

Congratulations to University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry MChem students Ewelina Wiśniewska and Kira Mulcahy who have been recognised for the fantastic scientific posters they produced during their summer internships at The Faraday Institution!

Many congratulations to the Faraday Institution #FUSE2021 poster winners! The undergraduate summer interns produced some amazing scientific posters at the end of their projects & we are recognising some of the most exceptional ones at our #Faraday2021 conference. Have a look at their posters on the #Faraday2021 Slack:

Ewelina Wiśniewska conducted an impressive amount of #research for an 8-week internship. With a strong understanding of the experiments & data analysis she clearly identifies next steps & how this research can contribute to safer #batteries in the future

High quality visual presentation is challenging to achieve but very important in effective dissemination of information. Kira Mulcahy produced an engaging poster on improved #recycling of #EV #battery packs with clear visual aids that were easy to understand.

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