RSC Awards Grant to Tackle Racism Within Chemistry

New grant awarded to examine the effects of inequality on career progression

The findings of the RSC Missing Elements Report, showed there remains racial and ethnic inequalities within the chemical sciences, particularly with career progression and representation. Within the UK we are failing to retain and nurture talented Black chemists especially after undergraduate studies.

The School of Chemistry (SoC) was recently awarded £59,927 to address the key themes outlined in the Missing Elements Report. A five-pronged approach developed by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee at the school of chemistry, was initiated at the start of the academic year 23/24.

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    I'm really excited to work on this long-term Missing Elements Project, as it spans across all staff and students in the school. I hope that our projects instil necessary change in our school, making it a more attractive place to come learn or work, for all.

    The school has taken big steps towards a more equitable, diverse and inclusive place of learning, but recognises that there are still some big challenges to address. The five projects are: a race equity audit of the SoC; racial equity training for staff and students; a mentorship network within the SoC; a Black and minoritised ethnic speaker colloquium; and finally, an undergraduate summer research internship programme for Black and minoritised ethnic students across the UK. Supported by co-applicants Fizzy Abou Jawad and Dr Jenny Gracie, the 3-year project aims to make a positive contribution to changing the science culture in chemistry.

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