Working with industry

We welcome opportunities to work with industrial partners. Please get in touch to explore how we can contribute.

Our community of 53 academics and 46 postdoctoral researchers give critical research mass to tackle a wide range of problems. Our capabilities are underpinned by world class facilities for research, and analytical and technical services. 

How we work

There are three main routes for industry to access our world-class expertise and facilities. Read more about Services and Facility Use, Consultancy, and Research Partnerships below.

We welcome enquiries about how we can work with you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements - contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Researcher loading samples in the NMR facility

The School of Chemistry benefits from its substantial critical mass in possessing a very wide range of world class facilities for research as well as analytical and technical services.

Many facilities can be used by external parties, or work can be undertaken on a service basis.

Our facilities and capabilities cover characterisation, physical measurements and synthesis. Browse our facilities brochure to find out more about key facilities.

Read the School of Chemistry Facilities Brochure

Please contact Cameron Chalmers to learn more about services and facilities use.

Facilities enquiries 

The expertise of our world-class researchers across all aspects of chemical science is available to clients through our consultancy services.

We can also call on wider expertise available across the University of Edinburgh to provide effective solutions to client problems. 

We collaborate with organisations from SMEs to multinationals through a range of consultancy services, including:

  • Contract research
  • Expert advice or opinion
  • Bespoke training
  • Services and facilities access

Consultancy can provide essential targeted input to answer questions across e.g. technology assessment, materials testing, feasibility studies, product development and improvement, process verification.

All official consultancies (external and internal) are undertaken through the University of Edinburgh's commercial liaison company, Edinburgh Innovations (EI).

Please contact Cameron Chalmers to learn more about consultancy options.

Cameron Chalmers 07386 659384

Work with us to solve problems affecting your industry and generate new opportunities.

We work with industry through a wide variety of routes depending on the scale and nature of the research question. These include:

  • Time-limited proof of concept studies (which may make use of trained undergraduate or research students)
  • 1-year MSc projects
  • 3.5-year projects with PhD students fully or part-funded by industry
  • Research projects using highly trained postdoctoral researchers
  • Projects funded by government through schemes such as UKRI Impact Acceleration Accounts, InnovateUK, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, etc.

Please contact us to find out more.

For Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Dr John Morrow 07919 286838
For Energy, Materials and Inorganic Chemistry Dr Teresa Raventos 07989 224445


Contact us

Please get in touch with our Business Development Executives to learn more and discuss options. 

Area Name Phone E-mail
Services and Facilities Use - - 
Consultancy Cameron Chalmers 07386 659384
Research collaboration (Biological and Medicinal Chemistry) Dr John Morrow 07919 286838
Research collaboration (Energy, Materials and Inorganic Chemistry) Dr Teresa Raventos 07989 224445