Chemistry on Tour

Inspiring Science. Building strong partnerships with secondary schools in the West and North of Scotland.

Chemistry on Tour is part of the School of Chemistry’s commitment to widening participation of underrepresented groups in the chemical sciences. It is a programme in which PhD students, academic staff members and the Outreach officer take chemistry on tour to remote parts of Scotland. We bring STEM workshops, generally focussed on chemistry, to secondary school classes primarily in the West and North of Scotland where access to higher education establishments and hands-on STEM experiences are limited.

It is our aim to inspire and encourage secondary school pupils in remote regions of Scotland to study STEM subjects in further education and aspire and assure pupils that they can consider STEM subjects are realistic career options. We achieve this with our workshops designed spark an interest and boost confidence in science, through granting access to tangible role models (undergraduate and postgraduate students), and connecting chemistry principles to everyday life.

Programme of Events

Pupils will gain memorable hands-on experience of science experiments appropriate for their age range and will engage with PhD students from the School of Chemistry. There will be career talks for the schools 5th and 6th year pupils’ to inspire them to consider pursing a degree in a STEM subject during which the pupils will have the chance to ask questions about University life and studying STEM from current University of Edinburgh chemistry students.

The workshops we provide are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence and are aimed at S1 to S3 classes. Workshops are developed and run by PhD students and academic members of staff from the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh and cover a broad range of STEM subjects with a focus on chemistry and physics based activities.

To see a brochure of the workshops we offer, please get in contact with the Outreach Officer.

Chemistry in your Community

We are keen to engage with the local communities that we take Chemistry on Tour to. We have developed a range of activities including giving talks on science and holding mini science festivals with hands-on family-friendly activities. These activities are suitable for delivery in a variety of public settings including in community centres, pubs, and school halls. Our events are targeted at all ages with the purpose of encouraging discussion of STEM issues and inspiring community members to engage with science.

These events can be added to the roster of Chemistry on Tour activities for a given location by getting in contact with the Outreach Officer ASAP.

Invite Chemistry to Your Town!

To register your interest please contact the SoC Outreach Officer and give the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your secondary school affiliation
  • Your role your secondary school
  • Your location
  • What parts of the Chemistry on Tour programme you would like brought to your town

This project is generously sponsored by Afton Chemical and supported by the Baird of Bute Society.